Monday, December 17, 2012

Add Custom Bootsplash Logo Into Kernel [Tutorial] [Kernel]

Melanjutkan artikel saya sebelumnya tentang bagaimana menambah string di kernel version, sekarang mari kita obok-obok tampilannya :D

Artikel ini saya copas dari thread yang saya buat dari XDA (, jadi masih pakai English, gapapa kan ya sambil belajar :)

Oh iya, jangan lupa coba kernel yang saya build, for Samsung Galaxy Young :D

Okay, here we go! :D

Firstly, I will not provide a full guide to build a kernel, because it is already available in another development section.

The problem if we want to change SGY bootsplash is, there is no *.rle file inside the ramdisk, different with older Samsung phone, (e.g.: Galaxy Mini).

But, it can be added with custom images, not changed at all, after default bootsplash, our custom image will be shown.

I'm using Ubuntu 11.10, with 2009q3-68 codesourcery arm toolchain, and the kernel source from

Okay, directly to the guide :)

I assumed, all building environment has configured correctly, including the correct settings of Makefile

open the file browser, I'm using nautilus, and look inside common folder, and go to drivers/video/logo/
maybe it looks like this one :

find a image file named “logo_linux_clut224.ppm”, rename it to another name, so we do not lose the original.
Open your 240x320 image using gimp,

go to menu, image > mode > indexed, change the maximum numbers of color to 224,

now save the image as *.pnm image file type, but name as “logo_linux_clut224.ppm”, save it to the path common/drivers/video/logo/
and save as ASCII data format

now you have modified bootsplash logo 
then, open your terminal, and point your current directory to “common” directory,

if this the first time for you build the kernel, do :

$ make bcm21553_totoro_05_defconfig
$ make menuconfig

Please don't change anything if you don't know.

if you had already build the kernel, and there's still your kernel configuration inside “.config” file, just do :
$ make menuconfig

menuconfig may looks like this one :

go to device drivers > graphics support > and mark the bootup logo [*] with space button,
then press enter, and configure like this

exit, and save your kernel configuration.

now you're ready to re-compile your kernel and build boot.img as usual :)

Big thanks to :
Maroc-OS for the clue :D
Android Indonesia
Official Galaxy Young Indonesia